April 19, 2017

Bright Wednesday; Venerable Father John the Ancient Hermit

Acts 2:22-36; John 1:35-51

Christ is risen! Truly, He is risen!

“Come and see.” With these three words the Gospel is introduced to the disciples, and through them, spread to the world. These are the first missionary words par excellence.

When I was younger I remember reading some of the most amazing Christian classics. They were incredible books and I still return to them periodically to “catch up” as I would with old friends. They helped to form my conscience and interpret current events in the light of Christ. But as full as my mind was with good solid teaching, this was not what lead me to Christ. Only after seeing the Gospel lived out by committed and fervent Christians was my heart changed and I was ready to follow this Christ whom I had gotten to know through all those pages. I had read about Him, but now I met Him in these fellow Christians.

“Come and see” is an invitation for us to join ourselves to Christ to such an extent that others may find Him through us. This is the tremendous gift and responsibility we have been given- we are His representatives in all that we do and say. Let us strive to continue to remain good missionaries in all of our words and deeds!