December 12, 2017

Our Venerable Father Spiridon the Wonderworker, Bishop of Tremithus (337-61)
Nativity Fast. Day of fast.

2 Timothy 3:16-4:4; Luke 19:45-48

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

This reading might come as a surprise to some of us who simply cannot picture the image of a ‘Gentle Jesus’ actually getting upset. Often times we build up for ourselves an image of the Savior who never needed to go to war, but who walked the earth, only stopping to offer encouragement and reassuring sentiment. What we see in today reading is obviously someone completely different. What was it that caused our Lord, filled with righteous anger, to drive people from the Temple? What was so important to Christ that He would behave this way? Us. Ultimately, Christ is worried about His brothers and sisters, the sons and daughters of His Father and tries to separate us from what keeps us in chains.

“God saves” is the meaning of the name “Jesus,” and is the same name as “Joshua” God’s war-leader who conquered the Promised Land. Jesus went to war with sin and death and drove out from the Temple all that would keep us from Him. We are worth fighting for and Jesus, fulfilling His eternal Name, saves us from sin.

How is your Nativity prep coming? Is your increased fasting, prayer and almsgiving helping to prepare the temple of your heart, your innermost being, to receive Christ anew this Nativity season? What needs to be driven out of your temple to allow the Savior to come to you this year?