December 15, 2017

The Holy Priest-Martyr Eleutherius; Our Venerable Father Paul of Latra (956); Our Holy Father Stephen the Confessor, Archbishop of Surozh (8th century)
Nativity Fast. Day of fast and abstinence from meat and foods that contain meat.

Titus 1:15-2:10; Luke 20:19-26

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

There is a priest I know who would often remind the faithful in his homilies about the fact that as baptized Christians, we posses two passports: we are citizens of a particular country but we are also members of the Body of Christ, striving for the reward of eternal happiness in the Kingdom of God.

Our membership in the Body of Christ is the most important but it does not follow that we should neglect our earthly citizenship or responsibility to our country. Jesus affirms this in today’s Gospel reading with an answer that the chief priests and scribes did not expect. Christ affirms that although we are not of the world, we live in the world, in a particular country, and we enjoy certain privileges and responsibilities as citizens. It is our duty to ensure that we do not neglect our responsibilities as citizens of a country.

We should be proud to be citizens of a country and should, at all times, pray for and work towards making our country of citizenship a place that allows God to be present in the public square. We should stand up against unjust laws that allow abortion or euthanasia to be openly practiced and promoted. We should do these things because of our love for God and the desire for His kingdom to be present among us in the country in which we live.