December 17, 2017

Sunday of the Holy Ancestors; Octoechos Tone 3; The Holy Prophet Daniel, the Three Holy Youths Ananiah (Ananias), Azariah (Azarias) and Mishael (Misael) (6th century BC)
Nativity Fast.

Colossians 3:4-11; Luke 14:16-24

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

“Come!” The Gospel is not so much a command as an offer; not so much a demand as a gift – an invitation to share in the unbelievable joy of the kingdom.”Come!” God is expecting you! He is ready for the poor, the maimed, the blind, the lame. He is ready for those who have spent their lives in the highways and byways of life.

“Come; for everything is now ready.” Come you who seek meaning for life. Come you who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Come you who falter under the burden of sin and guilt. Come you who are anxious and fearful. Come you who mourn. Come you who seek peace and fulfillment. Come be filled with the Holy Spirit. Come be filled with the power of God’s presence.

Let us pray today, “Lord, I’m coming. No excuses. No alibis. I know I’m not worthy. Without You, I have lived as if I were blind and lame. I come hungry and thirsty. I come to be fed. Amen.”