January 4, 2018

Pre-feast of Theophany; Synaxis of the Seventy Holy Apostles; Our Venerable Father Theoctistus, Hegumen of the Cucomo Monastery in Sicily

James 1:19-27; Mark 10:17-27

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Today’s Gospel once again reminds us that wealth, power, and influence in the world generate only a false sense of security, Jesus rejects them utterly as a claim to enter the kingdom of God. Achievement of salvation is beyond human capability and depends solely on the loving kindness of God who offers it as a gift since He alone is the source of all goodness whole alone can grant the gift of eternal life.

Let us rely not on our own “goodness” but on our Lord’s and open our hearts to His love and not be afraid to follow Him. Because just like Jesus looked at the man with a real love desiring the best possible thing for him. So does He wants us to be truly happy in Him and not to focus on our material worldly wealth and possessions.

Let us ask ourselves today if there is anything at all in my life which I would find it very difficult to give up if God asked it of me. It might be a relationship, it might be a job or position, it might be good health. If we want to live our lives as His disciples we need to follow him unconditionally, without any strings, ready to let go of anything and everything. It is the readiness that counts.

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