December 13, 2017

The Holy Martyrs Eustratios, Auxentius, Eugenius, Mardarius and Orestes (284-305); the Holy Martyr Lucia, the Virgin (284-305)
Rank: Polyeleos. Nativity Fast. Day of fast and abstinence from meat and foods that contain meat.

Ephesians 6:10-17; Luke 21:12-19

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Our culture today, especially here in North America is characterized by an overarching tendency to worry. We have financial, health, career and family fears. We move from anxiety to anxiety and fear to fear in what we wind up doing.

In the midst of a time when being ejected from the Temple or Synagogue worship was a real possibility, and later the very real threat of a violent and painful death as a martyr, Our Lord tells his disciples not to worry! Surely of all times this would be something worth worrying about! And yet, brothers and sisters, we are told that in fact these situations will be an opportunity for the truth to be proclaimed. Even though it may result in the death of the witness, ultimately, the cost of speaking the truth is worth it. This fact has been witnessed to countless times as the Christian martyrs throughout the centuries went to their deaths with a smiles on their faces glorying the Lord and thanking Him for allowing them to spread His message in the world in such an amazing way.

We might not be called to witness in such an overt way (although we might) but we are all called to witness to the Lord, and the message for us today is not to worry about it. The Lord will see us through it, even if we feel uncomfortable, are humiliated or mocked. The Lord will work powerfully through anything that we truly do for Him and in His love!